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Trip 4: Thailand

Updated: May 10, 2023

Alright, time to make this a movement.

The fourth country I donated food to was in Krabi, Thailand. I donated food to 15 families for my birthday in April 2022. I didn’t have plans to donate food. I went to Thailand for vacation, but it’s impossible for me to travel to a different country and not donate. Plus, it’s honestly the only thing I like to do on my birthday. What better way to spend your birthday than blessing others. The feeling, the joy, the smiles, the blessings.

Thailand was it bit harder because it was my first country that I couldn’t speak their language. But I’m grateful for the help of Bayan Tree Hotel in Krabi. They guided me by taking me to the market and helped me communicate with the local people. They took me to the least fortunate families around and helped me with passing out the food. Thailand is a country I would like to go back and give out more.


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