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Trip 3: Costa Rica

Maybe this could become "a thing"...

The third country I donated food was Costa Rica. I gave food to 50 families for my birthday back in 2021. The trip to Costa Rica was interesting because it was the first time I did a raffle. I wanted to inspire people to do what I do. Before the raffle, as much as I would talk about the trips and giving food to families, it didn't seem to get people motivated to do the same. So I started a raffle where the winner would get an all expenses paid trip to come along with me and learn the process of giving food in a different country.

Would you believe that in October of that same year, the raffle winner for the Costa Rica trip went to Jamaica and donated food to 10 families! You wouldn’t believe how I felt that my idea of inspiring other would work. For ever grateful. Thank You God!


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