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2010: Dominican Republic

Where it all started.

I started this journey in Dominican Republic when I was 18 years old. I gave food to 10 families. Five families in Higuey, the country side where my Great Grandmother lived and raised a family of 14 kids. And the other 5 in Nagua, where my Grandmother lives.

I spent lots of my summers at my Grandmothers house. I remember every time I was on my way to her house, I would know we were close because we would cross a bridge. Underneath is where the beach water and a river would meet. I remember there would be people that lived along the river. And I always thought it was pretty cool to live by the river when I was little. When asked my friends from Nagua who we should donate food to they told me the people by the river are the poorest in the area. They lived by the river because they didn’t have any other options. They had no electricity and the only light they had in their house was from the sun during the day and candles at night. These were families whose house would flood when it rained because the river would over flow.

I remember that when I went to donate the food to 5 families, I didn’t know where to start because everyone would overcrowd me. It was great to be able to help but I left feeling terrible that I didn’t have enough for everyone. That disappointment along with the joy that I got from helping the families I was able to help is where the idea for Feeding the World was born.


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